She’s 3!!!

So hard to believe, but Sophie will be 3 tomorrow!  We decided to get her a little push/runner bike for her birthday – she is totally lazy with her tricycle and only wants to be pushed, which is no good.  Plus, Oliver has a push bike and she’s tried it and loves it, so it seemed like the perfect gift.  We decided to give it to her a few days before her birthday because really, she doesn’t know the difference, and we were having a rare non-rainy day, so we thought why not.

The bike reveal

A pink bike!!

We bought the bike off of a friend who’s daughter had grown out of it – good for the Earth and the wallet.  It’s perfect.

Trying it out for the first time.

The first time she tried it, she was super cautious, slow, basically just crawling along, we had to stand and wait for her to get a move on.  The second and third day, we have to run to keep up – she’s already getting the hang of balancing and loves going down hills – eek!!

On Sunday May 15th, we had her party – a few friends over for pizza and cupcakes.


Hitting each other with balloons is apparently hilarious.

How many boys does it take to help open presents?


What can it be?

Tools! She is very helpful and likes to fix things, so this is perfect!

She had a lot of helpers!

Eating lunch at the big table...

... and the little table.

The cake - yummmmmm

We get to eat cake!!!!

She finished her cupcake, but Dada's still eating, so she may as well eat some of his cake as well!

After the guests had left, the place had been tidied, the toys had been played with, we decided to eat another cupcake, because come on, you only turn 3 once!

Hmmm, decisions....

Trying to touch the cupcake as little as possible... Such a dainty girl we have.

Just as good the second time around.

After the second cupcake was done, we went out for a bike ride, because the bike is the BEST THING EVER.  The we returned home and I had to really concentrate on putting together the coolest marble run.  Let me tell you, this is an awesome toy, but, you basically need a degree in physics, or structural engineering to figure out how to put it together properly.  Forget about having Sophie help, I needed to concentrate to get this sucker put together right.

Whoa, that is a complicated marble run.

She loves it.

She really loves it…

And, we are the parents of a 3 year old.  Very hard to believe, but amazing, she’s the craziest, funniest, smartest, most amazing person ever, and we love her so much.  Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you!

Our crazy little family.


2 responses to “She’s 3!!!

  1. “Thanks—for—the memories !!!” So great to see it all happen. Wonderful Sophie turns 3, and love “the crazy little family”. What fun! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Great pictures!!!!
    Sad we couldn’t be there with you guys and share this wonderful moments.
    Thanks for the pictures!!!
    Lots of Love and Kisses.
    Love Saba and Babie

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