Night wakings and dry diapers

You know what really sucks?  When you’re writing a blog post, adding lots of pictures, then you forget to hit ‘save draft’ and then your stupid computer dies and you lose all that info and you have to start all over again.  Remind me to hit save draft frequently.

Take 2.  So, Sophie has been potty trained since about January.  We started to notice, just before her 2nd birthday, that a few of her little girlfriends had been working on this potty training thing for a while, and thought, hmmmm, we should probably get on that.  Yes, a little bit of pressure, but not too much.  Just enough to buy a potty seat and take out some library books (hit save draft).

Wishful thinking on our part.

Sophie is only about 22 months old in the above picture, and at that point, we would plop her on the potty or little seat insert, but not really expect much.  To be honest, we weren’t trying that hard.  I figured that if she wasn’t really ready, it would end up taking a while.  Once she was ready, it should be quick, right?  So every so often, we would put her on the potty, read her books, and just sit there, waiting.

Good reading material

So, she would sit there, reading for like 20 minutes, and nothing would happen.  At this point, she’s about 2.5, and from what I’ve read, about the time most kids start to get it.  Yea, they’re all different, and some pick it up earlier than others.  We still weren’t too bothered by it, but we started to get more creative.

Put the potty in front of a toy, that's bound to be awesome, right?

Then, sometime in January, I thought, well, she isn’t really showing any interest, she doesn’t care if she sits in her own pee, but I’m starting to get a bit antsy, so rather than just wait for Sophie, let’s see what happens when we just put her in underwear.  So, one Tuesday evening, around 5 o’clock, the underwear went on.  From then until bedtime, she had about 6-7 little dribbles, where she would notice that she was peeing, and I plopped her on the potty as quickly as I could, and she actually had some success in the potty.  I cheered like she had just won a gold medal, and something must have clicked, because from that point on, she was pee potty trained.   I never went back to diapers during the day, and only had one full-on accident in her underwear, as I watched the dark stain wet her gray pants.  That happened a full week after we started.  Mind you, we plopped her on the toilet/potty very frequently, before we went anywhere and once we got there.  Our first car ride was a 15 minute drive to Oliver’s and I was a little worried, but I just put a facecloth under her butt and hoped for the best.   She made it and it just became easier.

Starting to get the hang of this

Potty training for poop took another month or so, and there were a few bumps in the road (poo on the floor anyone?), but she eventually mastered that too.  Even today, sometimes she is just too busy, and will have a little trickle in her underwear before she notices that she has to go, but for the most part, she is doing really well.

Underwear and babylegs - why not?

Which leads us to todays topic.  Night wakings. We have enjoyed sleeping through the night basically since Sophie was just over 1 year old.  Recently, she’s become so aware of her bladder, that it’s woken her up at night.  I’ll hear “I’m going pee pee!!!” in the middle of the night, so I rush over to her bed, take off her dry diaper, and pj bottoms, and plop her on the toilet.  She pee’s, goes back to bed, but I’m often now awake, and laying there, with thoughts of strata nightmares or whatever running through my head.  Not last night but the night before, she woke up to pee at 4, and I couldn’t get back to sleep until around 5:30, which sucks.  I know I can’t really complain, she’s doing so well, but I just don’t like it.  I’ve heard of mom’s who pull their sleeping children out of bed before they go to bed, sit them in the potty, and put them back to bed without them even waking, but I’m not prepared to do that yet.  Last night she didn’t wake up to pee, but had a slightly wet diaper in the morning, which honestly I was happy about because I got to sleep through the night.  So, if you have any suggestions, I’d like to hear them.  Otherwise, I’ll just hope I can get back to sleep after she’s peed.

Underwear butt


2 responses to “Night wakings and dry diapers

  1. Only thing I can think is restrain her drinking one to two hours before bedtime,If thats posible that may help.
    Hope you’ll pass this stage fast.
    Love that underwear butt!!
    love babie

  2. Had forgotten a lot of that but must have gone through it. Memories of those big safety pins and baggy plastic over-pants, pink, blue, white or yellow!! I think you were the first in disposables – what an admission!, back to nature. Gorgeous photos. xo

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