Cows and chickens and sheep – oh my!

So, I didn’t have to work yesterday because of Good Friday, so we decided to go to Maplewood Farms.

Taken from the website – From the 1920’s – 1950’s, the farm was a thriving dairy farm.  By 1970, agriculture had all but disappeared from North Vancouver but the farm land came under the protection of the District Parks Department, being preserved for future generations to enjoy a truly rural experience in our ever expanding urban area.

Opened to the public in 1975, and now home to over 200 domestic animals and birds, Maplewood Farm incorporates enjoyment, education and a recollection of the rural heritage of this pastoral 5 acre setting.

It was great.  Once you’re inside the gates, there are essentially different areas housing animals throughout the farm, but you can get in there with most of the animals, and feed them, pet them, and just chill with them.  There were chickens chasing each other, little pigmy goats eating grass from our hands, and bunnies that we could feed carrots and broccoli to.  There was a cow milking demonstration, and little tractors you could rent (kid size) to scoot around in.


The first big animals we saw were cows, and we soon saw a very special cow:


Next up were ducks and chickens, chilling in a little pond.

Ducks and chickens

Within that same enclosure was one very grumpy chicken, that kept pecking at peoples feet!  Next up were horses.

These horses were massive, and beautiful.

Within the same barn were little chicks that were only a few days old.

They are so new, the broken shells they hatched out of are strewn about within their little area.

The sign that is repeated throughout the farm and around all enclosed areas, and just there to put the responsibility on the parents. Love Sophie's face in this picture!

Sophie's favourite part of the day by far.

Up until we started feeding the sheep leaves, Sophie was very quiet, just quietly observing all that she saw. Once she was able to interact and feed the sheep, she started having much more fun!  We think she was just overwhelmed by all the awesomeness she was seeing, and just taking it all in.

Goat and sheep eyes are crazy - the rectangular iris is freaky!

A rare family shot

Snicklefritz the Shetland Pony

Remember this shot?

A very clear warning...

A second after the Snicklefritz photo was taken, Sophie started crying.  You can see that her expression is a bit off…  It turns out Snicklefritz had nipped the palm of her hand, gently, but enough to scare her and leave a bit of a mark.  Lesson learned.  But bunnies are far gentler…

Sophie 'gently' feeding the bunnies - I had to keep reminding her to gently feed them, she was a bit forceful and the bunny had to back up to get the broccoli stalk in it's mouth.

Getting the hang of it.

Tiny little pigmy goats!

We had a great day – the weather was perfect, and Sophie is at the perfect age to really get excited about all these animals, and to be able to touch them and feed them was very exciting for her.  She obviously didn’t want to leave, and one of the first things she said this morning was “I want to go to the farm again”.  We’ll definitely be back, it’s a beautiful spot, and perfect on a warm sunny day to bring a picnic lunch.


2 responses to “Cows and chickens and sheep – oh my!

  1. Great pictures!
    Good to read and see the fieldtrip you had.
    Sophie looks so beautiful ;o)
    Love the family picture.
    Again thanks for sharing with us.
    Love Saba and Babie

  2. Super fun, maybe we can go in July!! xo

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