Making a nest

I’m not talking about the nesting instinct or anything like that, rather, literally making a nest.  When we’re walking the trails around our place, Sophie and I are always picking up sticks, Sophie to fish in the puddles, and me to admire the branches – I have a thing with trees…

Anyways, one day we set out for a walk, and gathered a massive bag of suitable twigs, no shortage in our neighbourhood.  They were all muddy and gross, so first I had to wash them to get all the dirt and moss off.  Then I needed to dry them, and I thought that I should bend them into pots, so they would dry somewhat bent, so it would be easier to mold into a nest shape later.

Clean twigs, drying in shape.

Throwing twigs in the air = fun!

Crazy toddler...

I had to wrestle twigs out of Sophies hands, to make this nest. Good times!

The finished nest

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I ask myself, why do I do this?  Seriously, who collects twigs, washes them, dries them in shape, and glues them together to make nests?   Eran is a good sport, he puts up with all my crafty ideas and indulges me whenever I have an ‘awesome’ idea.  Anyways I like it, I think it looks awesome, and is a nice springtime decoration for our house.


5 responses to “Making a nest

  1. I love it!! They look amazing- and those photos of S- classic- can I add a link to your post from yesterday?

  2. Ha ha–I do things like that too…it’s awesome! I miss having just one kid so we can have the focus and time to do those kinds of projects, now that our wee ones are at such a great age for it. What a beautiful nest and a great idea for Easter eggs.

  3. Ren – definitely! I noticed that a few people wanted to see how the nest turned out, so please, go ahead.

  4. It looks great!!!!
    Also if you are invited to someone on eastern weekend is a nice gift to bring.
    Sophie is learning lots from Arts and Crafts from you.
    Hugs Babie and Saba

  5. Bless Eran, and bless you for all your great ideas, and just bless Sophie xo

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