My friend Tara told me about this great drop-in gymnastics class for toddlers that she was going to with her son Drew, and Sophie and I wanted to come along.  I took gymnastics when I was young, and loved it – and so far, Sophie is really good at hanging off of things, and walking on “balance beams” (curbs or ledges).

On the way to her first gymnastics class.

The class is a drop-in, and there were about 20 kids at our first class.  There are times throughout the hour that are free time to explore the equipment, and then times to get together and learn and practice a new skill.

Sitting patiently with Drew, waiting for instructions to begin.

The first skill was a somersault, which Sophie was too shy to practice at the gym, but now does over and over again on our bed.  There was also a hanging rope that kids could climb or swing from.

Chillin' with the rope

And of course, the trampoline.  So fun, Sophie really likes to bounce on her bum, or just lie there…..

She had such  a great time, so hopefully this will become a regular thing.

Enjoying a post-gym snack in the sunshine.


2 responses to “Gymnastics!

  1. Love Love Love the pictures!!!!!!
    She looks so big.
    As long as she enjoyes it its a great thing.
    Thanks for sharing
    Love and kisses Babie and Saba

  2. Love the photos. Sophie is having a lot of fun. Quite the new experience.

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