26 months

So, Sophie is 26 months old.  She is talking up a storm and starting to become more independent.  She is picking out her clothes, helping to get herself dressed, and we’ve been talking about the potty – a lot!  She’s not that interested in going into the potty quite yet, but she’s warming up to the idea.  I don’t want to force her before she’s ready because I feel like it will only delay the whole process, so we’ll just go at her pace.

monthly shot

Since the summer came upon us all of a sudden after the first week of July, we’ve been taking advantage of the weather and the glorious outdoor lakes and beaches in the Greater Vancouver area.  We’ve been going to White Pine Beach for the last few weeks, it’s literally a 10 minute drive from home, and you’re at a beautiful lake with a sandy beach.

Digging in the sand.

Being thrown in the air by Dada

Oliver was there with his dad Orion, and of course as we’re walking back to the parking lot, Sophie and Oliver hold hands and take a nature walk.

"Hold hands Soso"

"Let's go this way Soso!"

We went to Golden Spike Days at Rocky Point Park which took place over the Canada Day long weekend.  There wasn’t too much going on, the weather was overcast and cool and it was kind of desolate, but they did have a petting zoo which Sophie loved, and a train ride.  Surprisingly Sophie got on the ride and was the conductor of the train.

The conductor of the train.

I'm not so sure of this ride anymore Mama.

There was also a set up by a local kids gymnastics centre, mats, balance beam type things, wedges to roll or run down.


Look at that face!

What are you taking my picture for?

So, at 26 months, Sophie is climbing on everything, hanging by her hands from the hammock stand, reading books to herself (after memorizing them), and still calling everything green.  Baby steps.


4 responses to “26 months

  1. Just Gorgeous!!!
    Again Thanks Christine for sharing such lovely memories.
    Love and kisses Baby and Saba.

  2. She looks beatiful and enjoying her time with Oli.
    Again Thanks Christine for sharing such lovely memories.
    Love and kisses Baby and Saba.

  3. Thank you too, these are lovely photos and updates. xo

  4. I guess I just get very exites when I see Sophie,
    Sorry for repiting myself I’ll jave to blame the computer this time.
    Kisses Babie

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