The Reader

Our little bookworm

Sophie can literally read for ages.  She wants stories before nap and bedtime, obviously.  She likes to be read to after naps, often grabbing book after book after book for me to read to her.  We’ll go to the library, and she’ll literally just sit there and read for 15 minutes.  By herself!  Then she’ll start bringing me books to read to her.  It’s really sweet, how much she loves it.

She’s started reading back to us as well.  Earlier this week she decided to wake up at 5:30am.  That was awesome.  In our attempt to ignore her, we brought her into our bed and gave her some books to read.  She actually read her own version of Baby Bear by Eric Carle to herself.  It went something like this:  “Baby Bear baby bear see?  screech owl!!  baby bear baby bear see?  fox!”

It was adorable, but it would have been a lot cuter if it was after 7:30am.


3 responses to “The Reader

  1. So cute- everything is cuter after 7:30 though!
    Love the picture of S at the library!

  2. Adorable!!!!
    When you are in Toronto she can come to our bed and read to us anytime.

  3. Will be a pleasure hearing Sophie read. Going to enjoy the children’s section of our new library soon to look for books.xo

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