The wonders of Chinese Medicine

If you know me, you know my partner in crime Eran, is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  He studied in Vancouver for 5 years, and followed up with an internship at a public hospital, as well as private clinics in Beijing for 9 months.  He *loves* his profession, and is very passionate about it.  I love that he loves his work so much, he literally reads textbooks at bedtime – for fun!

I think, and maybe I’m wrong in this, but I think that most people don’t realize the scope of what Chinese Medicine can treat.  Most people immediately think of Acupuncture, and while that is a big part, there is also herbal prescriptions and formulas, that make up a big part of Chinese Medicine, along with nutritional counselling and tuina (chinese massage).  A big part of Eran’s practice is herbal formulas, and they treat so many different maladies.  Personally, I’ve been treated with herbal formulas for stomach issues, laryngitis, the common cold, coughs, eczema, to increase lactation, and other things throughout the 6 years we’ve been together, but I can’t even remember.

Eran has treated me with Acupuncture for knee pain, headaches, digestive things… I’m sure there have been more things through the years, but they are escaping me at the moment.

Sophie has even taken Chinese herbal medicine for a stubborn and persistent cough, and it literally got better overnight, after night coughing for days….

When people hear all of the different things that Chinese Medicine can treat, they’re surprised, which I guess is totally understandable, it’s just that I am so used to it being our primary treatment for pretty much everything.

Take the laryngitus that came on so strongly and suddenly a few weeks ago.  Thursday morning, I woke up with a tickle in my throat, by the end of the school day, my voice was completely gone, and my throat was killing me.  Eran prepared a herbal formula for me, which I started taking at dinner time that night, and by the next morning my voice was still gone, but the pain in my throat was also gone, and so quickly, I could hardly believe it.

Another time, and this was years ago, I came home from work with a splitting headache.  I get headaches sometimes, but they’re usually dull and nagging, and not throbbing or intense in any manner.  But this one was, it was brutal.  Eran literally put a few acupuncture needles in my face, head and hands, and honestly, the headache was gone within a minute of the needles going in.

Another thing people often have questions about is whether or not the needles hurt.  The needles are so tiny – we’re talking the thickness of a strand of hair – you cannot feel the needles go in, as long as you’re being treated by someone who has had proper training in needling techniques.  You may feel different sensations near where the needles are, some people may feel heaviness, but the feeling is completely subjective.  I have never felt pain from acupuncture needles, but I’m needled by the best, so I’m lucky 🙂

Beauty and brains, I'm such a lucky girl!

Eran was recently written up in our local newspaper, the Tri-City News, and they did an excellent article, focusing on his ability to read, speak, and write in Chinese, an amazing feat, if you ask me.  The article is here.

We’re so lucky to have our own in-house medical care.  Eran’s clinic is minutes from home, and I just couldn’t be prouder of him and the work he does for his community.  If you want to learn more, he’s got a blog where he translates chinese writings, or go to his clinic website, Rocky Point Acupuncture.


4 responses to “The wonders of Chinese Medicine

  1. Wonderful description, you are both blessed.

  2. I second that!
    I’m terrified of needles,and the only person I trust is Eran,and he has help me alot with my stomach problems,with needles and herbs.
    You and all of us are very lucky to have us in our lives.
    Hugs Edith

  3. I ment to have Eran in our lives.

  4. I may have missed that! We’re all very lucky to have us all of us in our lives. Hugs

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