It seems that lately, anytime we go for a “walk” with Sophie (and I use the term loosely), it takes FOREVER to get anywhere.  Walking with Sophie involves inspecting every pebble, every rock, every insect, and every blade of grass along the way.  Sometimes, it just involves sitting, because obviously walking 2 steps is just exhausting!

I'm just going to decide where to go next.

When there are puddles involved, there is often splashing:

But there are always decisions to be made.  Which puddle to splash in, which rock to pick up, which flower to smell, which bench to climb on, which curb to try to walk and balance on, and which stone to sit on, because they are obviously all different.

There is obviously a method to her madness, and I’m happy to play along.  If we’ve got no where to be, or not much to do, I’m happy to see where she goes, and just follow her.

Lead the way Soph, I've got your back.


5 responses to “Patience

  1. You’re such a great mom Christine. Sophie is so fortunate that you provide her with a safe space to explore her natural curiosities. It’s that sense of wonder and constant learning that we should all be so lucky to carry on into our adulthood!

    • Thank you Jenn! I can guarantee you that I do often lose my patience as well, but more when she’s screaming to the heavens because I touched her arm. You know how much that would annoy her, right?

  2. I know what you mean Christine!!! But on the other hand she is a very curious girl and its great that she wants to discover everything!!!
    She looks adorable in her yellow astronaut gear!!!!

  3. I love the bright yellow muddy buddy. We need to walk in the rain more,. You’ve inspired me.

  4. It is a pleaure to see the enjoyment in every day life, and to be appreciating it. Thanks ‘Tine. Love the rain suit too.xo

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