Please stop growing up so quickly

Just going through the photos I take on my iphone on a daily basis, and am just amazed at how much Sophie has grown and all the new things she is doing.  We have a little park on our street with a small play structure and Sophie is getting more daring.

Just hanging out...

Climbing where she couldn't climb before.

She’s becoming more and more of a dare devil, making her Dada’s heart skip a beat.  She is definitely testing the boundaries in the playground and while climbing whatever it is she is climbing, but for the most part, she’s pretty cautious, so I’m not too worried.  Yet.

Another thing that she has discovered is the water fountain at my school.  Sometimes I catch a ride with a co-worker (Hi Sandra!) and Eran and Sophie pick me up at the end of the day.  Sophie always wants to drink from the water fountain, and she just doesn’t quite get it yet, but it’s pretty funny to watch.

She is also totally copying everything we say, so we have to be really careful (Hi Beth!).  She literally is a little echo.  It’s adorable, because her voice is just so sweet and high pitched – the way she says strawberry is just so cute.

Sophie turned 2 last week, and amongst her gifts was a little backpack.  It makes her seem so grown up, she can carry her own snack, there is a place for her sunglasses, it’s pretty cute.  We walked to the grocery store today to get some veggies for dinner, and walking anywhere with Sophie means many stops along the way, picking up pebbles, examining gravel, the usual toddler stuff.  We stopped along the way and she was just hamming it up for the camera.

Waiting for something to happen.

Check out my sunglasses mama!

She's my little ray of sunshine.

Stop growing so quickly Sophie.  There is no rush, it’s not that exciting being older.  Slow down, chill with the irrational tantrums, and we’ll be just fine.


One response to “Please stop growing up so quickly

  1. Thanks for all. Sophie is sooo sweet. Loved the water fountain episode. Her language is totally delightful.xo

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