Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

So, today at 1pm, Sophie turned 2 years old.  Wow.

It's my party, I can sit by myself if I want to.

Everyone says how time flies, but seriously, I can’t believe she’s been in our lives for 2 years already.  I remember the minute she was born, placed on my chest after 31 hours of labour, and finding out she was a girl, we were elated.

The first few hours.

It was a long labour, the first contraction woke me up at 6am on Friday May 16, 2008.   I started keeping track, writing them down, but didn’t wake up Eran because I figured we’d be up for a while, so he needed his rest.  I don’t remember exactly what we did that day, I know at around 2pm we went to get me a new cell phone, because we’d be pretty busy soon, and it seems like a good idea at the time.  Until I had to tell the sales girl to hold on a second because I was having a contraction – I don’t think she knew what to do, it was pretty funny.  The pains started getting bad around 7pm-ish, and the rest is pretty much a blur.  I remember our doula Meredith coming over, then our midwife Carolyn, who came directly from another birth, checked me out, thought she could get a few winks, but then we called her back because we were ready to go to the hospital.  At around 6am I got an epidural, and the pain ended.  Come 12:40pm, they told me to push, and it didn’t take long (I couldn’t feel anything, so I didn’t hold back), and Sophie arrived at 1pm, May 17, 2008.

Mmmmmm, cupcakes....

Today she is two, it’s amazing.  She is such an amazing little girl.  She’s sweet, gentle, quiet, but a bit daring, funny and stubborn, all rolled into one adorable curly-haired package.

Moooooom, stop trying to kiss me! Enough already!

We had a little party for her yesterday, invited a few of her friends, and it was really fun, the adults chatted, the kids played (nicely for the most part), and it was just a fun little party.  Great company, and Sophie didn’t really know what to expect when we started singing.  We practiced blowing out candles and singing Happy Birthday to her the night before, and she loved it, but when it came to her party, with a bunch of people singing, she was just overwhelmed, it was pretty funny.

Some of the new changes we noticed in Sophie is her pronounciation.   She used to be “ShowShee”, but now she’s Sophie.  Her boyfriend used to be “Alver”, but now he’s Oliver (and he gave her a Tiffany box yesterday – oh my!).

Will you marry me? Uh I mean, will you accept this adorable bracelet?

She can say elevator perfectly.  She is able to copy so many words now, she’s just growing up so quickly.  She is getting more daring on the playground, swinging from a bar above the slide, giving her Dada a heart attack.

Dada, I'm growing up, let me play with the ball already! Geez you guys...

Playing quietly with her new tea set, perfectly acting out the way to sip from a tea cup, it’s adorable.

Tea party!

She’s a big girl now, so independent, it’s amazing.  Happy Birthday my little monkey, we love you so much.

I'm 2!


2 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

  1. She is growing up so nicely!!!
    The way she discover new things everyday.
    She just brings us Joy to our lives.
    Love you so much.
    Babie and Saba

  2. Joy to ours too. Love being part of the birthday celebration, sooo cute, and such fun.

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