24 months

So, today is Sophie’s birthday, and I know I’ve already done a blog post, but I also wanted to do my monthly picture and post as well.  Sophie had a great morning at Oliver’s house; painting, playing in the backyard, eating carrots (dipped in ketchup – but come on, eating carrots!!!), and all sorts of other fabulous things.  Once home, she napped beautifully.

She was born at 1pm two years ago, and she must have gotten the memo that there is this thing called the terrible two’s, because once she woke up from her nap, she was in a nasty mood.  I made her a snack, and she took a long pause in between bites, so I picked up her sandwich to give her a bite, and obviously that was *the* wrong thing to do.  Crying, screaming, looking up to the heavens so someone can rescue her, poor thing.  Then my sister-in-law and family call to sing her Happy Birthday, and we put the phone on speaker so she could hear.  Oh the screaming!  The crazy screaming!  The torture! She was not a happy chicken.  When The Screaming!!! happens, she’s usually calmed by going outside, so we went for a walk and she settled down.  But The Screaming before was insane.  I actually had to laugh, it was ridiculous, and I wasn’t too bothered by it, more amused, which I know is wrong, but when there is The Screaming, and it’s irrational, and it just keeps on going, I just have to laugh.  What else can I do?

But I still wanted to get the monthly pictures, and because there was The Screaming going on, I just took the pictures then.  This whole project of mine is meant to capture those moments in time, and this was a dominant moment today.

How could you touch my sandwich?!?!

How could you let my family sing Happy Birthday to me?!?!

How could you stand here and take pictures of me while I'm throwing this temper tantrum?!?!

Happy 24 months my happy monkey  😉


2 responses to “24 months

  1. Major Tantrum but she is holdind Jill!!!!
    They come out when you least expect it.
    When it happens in a public place this are the best, you don’t know if to cry or to laugh,and people just staring at you.
    The good thing is that they go away the same way they came.
    Good luck .

  2. Just catching up on my blog viewing. Glad you capture all and not just the sweet smiles. ( There sure are plenty of those.) Sophie is a sweetie even in her tantrum, just regular stuff. Love the way she’s holding the doll, Jill I guess her name is. Perfect for a 2 year old. Thanks always,

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