Alver gan? fun!

This is what we hear everytime Sophie leaves Oliver.  It means : Oliver again? Fun!

"Sophie, where's Oliver?" "Back seat!"

They *love* each other.  We’ve been doing the baby swap for a few weeks now, and it’s going swimmingly.  When Oliver is here, we usually go somewhere in the stroller, either to Dandelion Kids for storytime, the library, or the field behind the library to run around.

playing tag in the field

It works really well because they honestly play so nicely together.  If Oliver takes something from Sophie’s hand, she just looks at me and smiles, as if to say “Oh look at that cheeky little devil.”

I just love him so...

My favourite part of the morning when Oliver is here, has got to be the greeting. Orion buzzes us when they’re downstairs, so we know they’re on their way up.  We wait in the hallway, and when we hear them, Sophie goes running!

It is seriously hilarious, and Sophie loves to watch these videos over and over again, she gets so excited watching them, she cannot contain herself, she screams out in glee, claps, and always when it’s over, asks to watch it again.

This past Monday, I took them to the library.  Sophie read Oliver some books, and he listened very patiently.

3 sheep...4 birds...

The best though, was when they played naptime at the library.  Sophie had apparently decided that for the last week, she wasn’t interested in napping anymore.  Oliver was under strict instruction to play naptime with Sophie, and show her how it’s done:

"See Sophie? You just lie down and go to sleep! It's really easy, just do it!"

And then they decided it would be more fun to just roll around on the floor.

I'm so tired!

"What were we doing again?"

I totally don’t blame them.

It’s just so easy with Oliver and Sophie, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, they just get along and play nicely together.  They also really like each other, so that helps!

Cuddling stuffies in the crib. They also practiced napping there 🙂

I’m loving this arrangement because it’s not much harder than just having Sophie, if possible, it may be easier, because they play together and keep each other company, so they don’t get bored.

"Sophie, don't just sit there - JUMP!!"

Sophie is off to Oliver’s place tomorrow, and I know she’ll have tons of fun.

Signing off with a video of them running down the hallway, each edged on by the others excitement.


4 responses to “Alver gan? fun!

  1. That is too cute! Oliver and his charms….

  2. Adorable!!!!!!!!
    They are so cute together.

  3. That is the best! I have to bring Cohen too! We need another baby mama get together, like now.

  4. Gives a big grin on my face every time I watch.xo

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