old friends

I’ve been taking this class called Mama Renew, it’s a class for moms, and a chance to get together with other mothers, and talk about things in your lives, not your children.  It’s not a parenting group, it’s a woman’s group.  There are five 2.5 hour classes, and we’ve only been to two so far, but they’ve been wonderful; about 6-7 women with children, and we just talk.  It’s facilitated by a wonderful woman named Linda, and it’s just been so nice to get out of the house, and meet like-minded women.  You know when you meet other moms, and you immediately know if you’d like to talk more, or not?  Well, with all of these women, I’d definitely like to get to know them better, they just seem like my type of people, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I’ve totally gotten off track from my original post title, and what it has to do with, and that is our homework.  Each week at Mama Renew, we’re given homework.  The first week, it was to spend 2 minutes each night writing down what we were grateful for.  We also had to bring a picture of our mother and grandmother, and find something at home from a time in our life when we felt most like ourselves.  The second week, our homework was to write down what we love about ourselves (still haven’t gotten to that one yet), go on a 3 hour date with ourselves – no kids, no partners, no running errands, just do what we want to do (and I’m doing it on Wednesday).  The last thing we had to do was to ask a friend what they love about you.

I asked my friend Sara, whom I’ve known since 7th grade.  We went to high school together, kept in touch all throughout the university years, and after, and continue to keep in touch since I’ve moved across the country.  She is one of the few of my friends from back east who I talk to regularly.  I wish I kept in closer contact with more of my friends from back east, but you know, life gets busy, kids, jobs, blah blah blah.

Anyways, I asked my friend Sara to write me a love letter.

At English Bay, 2006

We had been writing back and forth on email anyways, and I was planning on asking her, and it just worked.  I also wrote her a love letter.

Sara is the type of person who always cracks me up, she is just funny.  Crazy things happen to her all the time, and her reaction to them is always hilarious, she just has always made me laugh.  The letter I got back from her was amazing.  She remembered things I had forgotten, but when I read them again, they were such funny memories, it  was nice to relive the moments.  Some of my favourites – they may not seem very special to anyone else, but to me, they totally are:

1.  You are a free spirit… can adapt anywhere, move anywhere without a second thought.

2.  You are happy… and because of you other people are happy too.

3.  You dance by doing the running man with your arms!!!

4.  You are also particular about certain things… ie: the way you spread jam over a sandwich… i think its kind of weird and OCD… but its your way. Also.. the way you scrape all the chocolate around a skor bar with your teeth!! GROSS!!!

5.  I hate that you moved away from home to try out a new life in Vancouver.. but I love that you had the courage to do so… and meet the love of your life and have beautiful Sophie.

6.  You will always seem 16 to me regardless of your age. You are one of my best friends in the entire world and I hope that it stays that way regardless of time and space.

7.  You always take pictures and cherish moments that other people would normally overlook.

And she ended it off with:

There… that’s as nice as I can be asshole. Hope you have a great day !!!

Which is so her.  I love her and I miss her, and I wished we lived right next door to each other.

We’ve been friends for 22 years.  Just writing that down is amazing.  Even though we live 5000 kilometres apart, I think of her as my sister, and I know she thinks the same of me.


4 responses to “old friends

  1. What a nice post!!!!!
    Friends like that are hard to find,and to keep for so long.
    Some of the things she wrote I can see you,some of them I still have to see but in all she is absolutely right. You are an amazing woman.
    We are very lucky you came to our life,that you love Eran so much and you gave us wonderful Sophie.
    Thanks Christine.
    love Edith

  2. I can’t believe you spent the time to write that about me. You made my day and I meant everything I said to you. I also love those pictures… Geez I know I have them somewhere.
    You are the best .

  3. Just loved this ‘Tine. How great to be in Mama Renew with a super facilitator. It means sooo much for women to get together with positive experiences and memories. What a wonderful Love Letter from Sara. Looking forward to hearing more of the experience and your ‘homework”.
    xo mom

  4. What a great way to fall asleep, with thoughts of being grateful on your mind. Makes body and mind peaceful. xo

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