23 months

23 months old, and pointing out her scraped knee, poor little bug.

Today Sophie is 23 months old.  Which also coincided with the day she threw 2 epic temper tantrums.  Indicative of the terrible twos?  Ummmmm, probably.

The first one was at the library, we were going to the train table, but Sophie had her snack cup, and I wanted her to pass it over, because you just don’t eat at the library, especially when you’re playing with the train table, and there were a bunch of other kids there, none of them had snacks, and she just couldn’t have snacks and play with the train table at the same time.

I know, I’m a monster.

So, she screamed as loudly as she could, and she wouldn’t pass over the snack cup, so we headed outta there.  I was not about to give in because it was embarrassing.  I actually wasn’t embarrassed, I wanted to get out of there quickly because seriously, no one wants a screaming toddler while they’re trying to quietly enjoy the newspaper.  I was going to stand my ground because as a teacher, I’ve seen too many children who walk all over the parents, the parents have no control over their children, the children are nightmares, and I just wasn’t about to give in.  There are rules in life, and children need to hear “no”.  I’m reminded of this article I read on a blog about saying no to children.  You can read it here.

kind of like this, only 18,000 times worse.

Anyways, we sat on a bench outside the library until Sophie calmed down, finished her snack, then headed back to the train table.  She was fine after that, and left the library happily when I told her it was time to go.  I’m hoping she will learn that she cannot have her way all the time.  Most of the time I will go along with her, because she is generally an agreeable child (I’ve cursed myself now, I just know it), and I don’t mind taking 30 minutes to walk back from the grocery store, inspecting rocks and grass, and creeks and all the wonderful things that catch toddlers eyes…

The second tantrum was of a magnitude that we have never seen before.  We were invited over to a neighbours for dinner; neighbours who have a little boy a year older than Sophie, and we had a really nice evening.  Sophie and Gabe played very nicely together, she ate, she didn’t try climbing the stairs, she was a good girl.  Until it was time to leave.  She screamed like we have never heard her scream before.  We could barely thank our hosts for the lovely evening, I’m not sure they heard us above the screams.  Eran was embarrassed, I was just annoyed.  Seriously?  Was it that bad?  I guess to a toddler, it is that bad, leaving a place with all new toys!  Two cats!  Stairs!   Popsicles!  She basically screamed the whole 10 minute walk home (very painful), but went to bed quietly.  Sometimes I don’t get her.

I also don't get why she likes to read books on the late, great Hu Xi Shu, a famous Chinese Medicine Physician from Beijing, but what can I do?

Anyways, I guess 23 months is when Sophie starts to show her voice.  I hope she keeps it down.

Other notable things about Sophie at 23 months – her hair:

jheri curls?

It is so curly after I wet it and brush it and fluff it out, it’s hilarious.  But it gets so tangled…

Today she also asked for a specific lunch: cheese sandwich and soup!  Okay, no problem.  Usually she will ask for noodles, so to hear something different, and she just said it so clearly, it was awesome.

We bought her a tricycle for her birthday, and gave it to her early – we figure she can use it for 2 months prior, so why not, it’s not like she knows what her birthday is yet anyway.  And the way she says bicycle, is the cutest thing ever.  She says it so quickly, and perfectly, and with an upwards inflection at the end, it’s seriously the cutest thing ever.  She loves chasing balls, and we have a great field close to home where she can run around to her hearts content.

Don't get stuck in the net again!

We’ve started talking a lot about potty training, bought her big girl underpants, and she sits on the potty and will read for upwards of a 1/2 hour.  Nothing exciting to report on that front, but we haven’t gone full force yet, don’t think she’s quite ready.  But she does tell us after she’s pooed, so that’s a step in the right direction, right?

"I just like to hang out here. There are some awesome books by my potty!"

Her vocabulary is increasing by the day, she’s chatting all the time, she loves her little friends, and she continues to amaze us each day.  Love her.


3 responses to “23 months

  1. Great blog Christine!!!
    I’m smiling while I read it,but I know how frustating sometimes it can be.
    I know you are in the right path and No, she can’t get away with everything.
    Now my question is how do you solve a problem like this beeing a grandmother? That’s a new one for me,but hopefuly she won’t have any tantrums while I’m there.
    She looks adorable sitting in her potty!!
    About the chinese books thats something she got from Eran through Osmosis.
    The picture with her in the net with the ball will sure be one of Saba’s favorites (He loves soccer). The one of the month is precious her showing her booboo.
    In all another blog I loved to read.
    love and kisses babie.

  2. Hi ‘Tine,

    Just loved this, well done. You and Eran are doing a beautiful job raising Sophie.

    Just love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. Soooo cute.

    Babie and I are glad we’ve been through all the tantrums, and as Babie says, we can smile with memories.

    Your teaching job is very valuable and hopefully you can help some kids set better bounderies, a most important age to impress.

    love, mom xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Just read the saying “NO” blog and loved it. Very good role model and confirmation of your own beliefs.

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