So not what it sounds like.  Our friends Beth and Orion, who we met at Birthing from Within, live in the neighbourhood.  Every once in a while, we would do the babyswap thing – one of us would go to their house, and stay with their kid Oliver while he slept, so they could go out, and then we would switch, and one of them would come over here and stay with Sophie while she slept, so we could go out.  Everyone is happy, babysitting taken care of, for free!  We decided to give it a go during the day, so we could get some stuff done.  So today, Oliver came over!

Sophie and Oliver cut wooden veggies.

It was actually no big deal.  I didn’t really think it would be, because they’ve hung out since birth, and play very nicely together, but you never know how the kid will react once the parents are out of the picture.

This kitchen rocks! I want one!

But this was pretty much how it was.  There was a moment 20 minutes after he arrived where he was sad and called for his daddy, but after a little comforting from me and Sophie (who gave him a hug and a kiss) he was good to go.

"Okay, you guys each get two trains, now play nicely!" And then they did. Honestly. I cleaned the stove, they played so nicely!

I thought we’d give storytime at Dandelion Kids a try, because I often go with Sophie, the kids get a free smoothie from Booster Juice, and Sophie always likes it, I was just a bit concerned if Oliver would go in the back of the Phil and Ted’s stroller.

No problems - he even let Sophie push him.

Storytime was a bit of a bust, just a busy store, a long story, an Oliver who was trying to escape – pulling on the door handle saying “out” as the story was being read….  but it was all good.


Once we got back it was lunch time, so a quick grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup was in order, and they ate nicely at the little table.

first romantic meal together?

A fun morning, not a lot harder than with Sophie alone, actually, maybe even easier, because she didn’t get bored, and had Oliver to play with.  It also helps that they really love each other.

going in for yet another kiss... awwww...

Orion got a bunch of work done at his place, Oliver and Sophie had fun, I had fun, it wasn’t stressful – success all around!  And next week, Sophie goes to Oliver’s house, so I’ll get time to work on Sophiebelle stuff.  Plus, I know that Sophie and Oliver have lots of fun together, and Sophie was soooooo excited to see Oliver, when he got here, she was screaming and ran down the hallway to meet him.


Happy munchkins!!


5 responses to “babyswapping

  1. OMG!
    they are so adorable 🙂
    when Orion and Ollie came to get me from the train station, Ollie was all smiles and talking about Sophie and sooo giggly. He had a great time with her. I love that they’re such good friends!

  2. I think they are great kids, must take after their parents 😉

  3. I’m uncle Scott (or as Oliver would say *click*)
    This entry was pretty much the best thing ever.
    They look so happy together!

    Great work


  4. What a fun day!!!
    The pictures tell all.
    I remember Eran’s friend when he was Sophie’s age,her name was Dana and he loved to go and play with her,she had problems coming to our house and stay without her mom,but “Bamba”used to do the trick.
    Again you made us feel part of the Day.
    Thanks Christine.
    Soon I will see you all.

  5. Hi ‘Tine,
    Just got reconnected on my computer from the laptop, for some reason your BLOG had gone missing. Sooo glad to have you back on. Just love being part of your everyday lives, seeing photos and meeting your friends.
    Thanks tons,
    love mom

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