22 months

Today Sophie is 22 months old.  I can’t believe she’ll be 2 years old, in just 2 months.  It’s incredible how quickly time has flown.  I know people always say that’s the way it is, but honestly, she was just 6 months old a little while ago!  How does this happen?

"mind if I eat this muffin while you take my picture?"

Her language is exploding.  She is imitating so many new words each day: yogurt, muffin, balloon, pink, truck, chair, the list goes on and on, and it’s incredible how quickly they become part of her vocabulary.  She is definitely showing signs of those terrible twos people talk about.  The first time she threw herself on the floor and pounded her fists, I started laughing.  Seriously?  The typical tantrum?  I couldn’t help it, I thought she was joking.  It’s funny the sort of things that set her off as well, they’re so innocent, so benign, you wonder how such a small thing can get her going.  But, that is the way it goes….

hamming it up for the camera

She loves giving Babayaga, our cat, hugs and kisses.  We react so positively to her being so nice to the cat, that after she gives her a kiss or a hug, and we say how nice that is, Sophie says  “more?”.  She wants us to tell her to give Baba more kisses.  So cute.

pucker up Baba!

She is however, becoming more difficult with eating.  The baby that used to eat everything put in front of her, now turns her nose up at many meals.  The first words out of her mouth most mornings is ‘cold kiki’ – which means frozen pancake.  Every week or so, I whip up a batch of healthy pancakes – with butternut squash, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, etc, and freeze them.  We used to warm them up for her, but once, we gave her one straight out of the freezer, and since that day, that is her go-to breakfast – but it has to be frozen.  She’ll eat a variety of things, but she has become very picky, and often it is a struggle to get her to eat a balanced meal.  You wouldn’t know it if you saw her belly.

"Sophie, finish your veggies!!" "What? I don't see any veggies? What are you talking about? Look how big my belly is, don't worry about me."

She says goodbye to everything, whether it’s a dog in the park, or some boy at the library; “bye-bye boy”.  She has taken to sleeping with Coco her doll, Eli the eagle, and a book, which she uses as a pillow until she moves and we can sneak it away from her.

I can totally feed myself.

She is becoming more self-sufficient; feeding herself, putting her shoes on, choosing her clothing, and the list will continue to grow.   But until then, we’ll keep enjoying her baby days, because they are running away from us.


2 responses to “22 months

  1. She is so cute. Love the photos. Love the cats name- I am reading a book with that name in the title- Should review it in few days. Great book so far.

  2. Wow, time does move on. Such a sweetie, love all the photos. Can chuckle now remembering 3 little ones. xo

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