Living’ on the edge

Our neighbourhood is a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, and also a 5 minute walk to this:

trails around our house

Rocky Point Park

and this:

watch out!

Because we live so close to the mountains, we often get bears in our ‘hood.  Apparently, I heard that a girl who lives in our building, was looking out her window one day, and saw a bear saunter by, right below her.  Yikes!  Now, I grew up outside of Toronto, and the outdoor pests we dealt with were crazy raccoons and squirrels, not bears, so it’s a little freaky.

Just in case you didn't see the first sign...

The sign above is posted at a T-junction on the trails, and always has the latest updates on when a bear was last seen in the area – it’s hard to see, but it says August 24, 2009.  Eran runs these trails, and always checks the sign, just in case he should turn back.

I’ve never seen one in our neighbourhood, but I do know that they frequent this park:

Old Orchard Park

It’s a beautiful park a quick 20 minute walk from our place, and I really don’t think about it often, but I saw today in a local paper that since the winter has been so mild, the bears may be waking up, so make sure you secure your garbage, etc…

I only think about it sometimes when I’m walking with Sophie, and we’re alone on the trails, no one around us, and we hear a rustling or branches snapping just off in the woods.  Surely it’s a squirrel, or a bird, or at the worst,  a coyote.  But it could totally be a bear!

I googled bear in Port Moody images, and came up with this:

a black bear checks out a walking bridge

That bridge, is literally across the street from where we live.  I took this picture of it last summer:

crazy curvy bridge across the street from our place

It’s crazy.  I guess I should be more aware, or more concerned, or more of something, but the people who have grown up here, and have dealt with the bears in their backyards, don’t seem to be too bothered by it.  In fact, we have “Wildlife Alerts” at the school where I work, because bears will wander onto the back field by the playground.  We obviously have indoor days for recess and lunch when that happens, not because of bad weather, but because of bears.  It’s a little crazy.  We’ve obviously encroached on their land a little too much, because it seems to be becoming a problem, and will probably be more so when we continue to develop higher and higher up the mountains surrounding Vancouver.  But, for now, we’re enjoying the beauty of where we live, and trying to stay out of the bears way.  Everytime we walk along the trails from Old Orchard Park, I marvel that this is where we get to live.

sunset on the trails

It is so beautiful.

Is there a bear hiding behind those trees?

We are lucky to have such beautiful scenery right outside our doorstep.


4 responses to “Living’ on the edge

  1. Crazy beautiful bridge.
    Make sure you google “what to do” if you see a bear!!

  2. Remember we had bears at BEAR WALK. Got rid of all the bird seed and any food. They loved the apple trees in the fall.

  3. Usually a noise will shoo the wild ones away. We had BEAR BELLS., or just chatting. You’re always chatting with Sophie. If you see a cub, stay clear.

  4. great photography!

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