Sophie has a friend named Alisa, whose mom is Olga, who does the amazing artwork behind Ola Design.  If you haven’t checked her work out already, do yourself a favour and head on over there, her artwork is gorgeous – we own 3 of her prints, and we always get compliments on them.  We saw Olga and Alisa today and walked around the trails near our place and to the parks.  It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day.  And Sophie and Alisa spent part of the day like this:

Wanna hold hands?

They are only 3 months apart, and they love each other!  Everytime they see each other, Alisa says “Sooophieeee?” and is so excited to see her.  Sophie can’t say Alisa yet, but has a huge grin on her face as soon as she see’s her, and was saying “Isa” by the end of the day.

Look at that face!

We see them often which is great, because it’s nice to have friends who have kids Sophie’s age, and sometimes it’s hard to find people that you really connect with, and we’re so happy that we found Olga and Alisa.

Read me a story Sophie.

So happy to see this sweet little friendship as it grows!


2 responses to “Friends

  1. They look adorable holding hands!!!!!!!!

  2. Makes me feel soooo good seeing your updates. Love Olga’s designs.

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