When Dada dresses Sophie

My challenge to Eran last night was to put  Sophie in a dress, because on Thursdays and Fridays, while I’m at work, he stays home with Soph.  She is almost always in the same pants, so I thought maybe he could mix it up a bit.  This is what he came up with:

Pink stripes and pink stripes? Really?

I love that little dress, but she’s getting taller, and the dress is getting shorter, so I usually pair it with jeans, because as you can see, her butt is practically showing.

Baby got back!

Not like it matters with babies, it’s cute when you’ve got a giant cloth diaper butt in tights and a too-short dress.  I just thought it was funny.


4 responses to “When Dada dresses Sophie

  1. Part of the entertainment is wondering what Eran’s creativity will come up with next.

  2. As youcan see Eran never had a sister to practice dressing her up!!!
    I think you have to leave the outfit the night before!!!!
    Regardless Sophie looks cute.

  3. Super cute! Eran is very fashionable!

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