Sophie’s kitchen

So, I knew that Sophie would eventually need (okay maybe not need, but I wanted her to have one) a play kitchen of her own to pretend cook, bake, all that stuff.  There are so many play kitchens out there, but I never really wanted a big plastic one, we don’t have room for it, and it’s just not my style.  After seeing so many people on Ohdeedoh show off ones they made themselves, I thought I could totally do it also – why not?  This one was my main inspiration, because it looked to be about the size I wanted, and all the parts seemed easy enough. I needed an ikea rast bedside table for the base :

but my Ikea was sold out, so luckily I found one at a second hand store.   I asked a handy friend if he had any lumber he could spare and if he could maybe do some cuts for me, and I was left with this:

a blank slate

I swear, I didn’t expect him to do all that!   I did help – he let me use the power sander.  But man did I ever appreciate it – I expected to go home with some slabs of wood, that I would lovingly sand by hand, which would take forever, but I was prepared for it.  But, thanks to Orion and his power tools, it looked like this in no time!  A big thanks to Beth also for watching Sophie while we worked in the garage. Oliver is welcome to play with Sophie’s kitchen anytime!

The next step was paint.  Although I really loved the look of the natural wood, the pieces didn’t all match, there were screws to hide, and rough edges that needed to be fixed, so I thought a coat or two of paint was in order:

getting closer...

Once I had it painted (with leftover baseboard paint), I had to decide how to decorate it, how to have the burners, tap, etc.  I decided to buy some scrapbook paper and mod podge it to the back, which gives it a 50’s diner feel.  Some hardware, knobs, hooks, hinges and a whole lot of time and love, and this is the final product:

Stocked and ready to be played with!

Cupboards stocked!

The sink taps can move, like a regular sink, because I drilled bigger holes than the screws needed and didn’t tighten them fully, and the tap is a giant utility hook, installed upside down:

hot and cold movable taps!

The burners are painted on, and also have movable knobs:

Utensils on hooks within reach!

The shelf above can hold play food or play dishes, or whatever!

Everything within reach.

So far, I would say that it’s a hit – when it was first brought out, Sophie loved to open and shut and cupboard, bring out her pots and pans, and just play quietly (yay!).

Perfect size for her! I can also raise it with legs later on as she gets taller.

Overall, I have to say I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It probably cost me about $50 for all the materials (small ikea table, hardware  etc), and I probably put in a good 10 hours on it, but to me, it’s totally worth it.  Sophie likes it too!

Crazy morning hair

A last cute touch – Salt and Pepper shakers made out of old wooden spools and some buttons on top:

P & S

Another idea found on the internet – which is a huge time-suck, but there is so much inspiration out there, it just makes me want to make things.


10 responses to “Sophie’s kitchen

  1. Eran Even Likes this!!

  2. Christy Copes

    FANTASTIC!! What a fun project that Sophie will enjoy for years! I bought a kitchen for the boys a few years ago, but they are totally not interested!! You are sooo crafty!! I don’t know how you find the time! Are you coming home this month?

    • Thanks Miss Christy – I just do it at night or when Sophie is otherwise engaged – or napping! I don’t think we’re coming home this money, not enough money unfortunately!! Not sure when the next time will be – you’ll have to come out here!

  3. Colour me impressed!!!

  4. Christine you did a wonderful job!!!!!!
    I tip off my hat to you.
    Sophie will enjoy it for many years and now I have an excuse on stuff to buy her for her kitchen (of course I’ll go with you guys when I come to vancouver).
    Again it came out beautiful

  5. Clever mama and daughter, well done, the kitchen set looks great.

  6. so cute. love how it turned out!

  7. What a great idea Christine. I admire your creativity.

  8. This is awesome Christine! I totally want to be a copycat..please teach me.

  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing your kitchenette! I love it! I love the colors and the simplicity. I used it as inspiration for my own and credited you on my blog. I even stole the salt/pepper shaker idea! Thank you!
    You can see photos here

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