Curls, curls, curls!

tight curls!

Sophie has incredibly tight curls.

We’re not exactly sure where they come from.  Eran and I both had some curls when we were young, but both had straight hair by the time we were 5ish.  We now both have some curl, Eran has more once his hair gets longer, but nothing near Sophie’s curls.

How cute are these curly pigtails?

We tried to find pictures of when we were around her age, and were surprised to see this:

Eran around 1.5 years old

Christine around 2 years old

She kind of has both of our hair!

Sophie @ 21 months old

Her hair is obviously curlier, but seeing those pictures of us at her age, is pretty cool, because we discovered that Eran and I had the same hair (who would have thought it!), and we realized that Sophie has both of our hair!


2 responses to “Curls, curls, curls!

  1. Eran’s Zeide had very curly hair,and when I first saw a picture of Sophie’s hair from behind remainded me alot of my father.
    Looking at your pictures when you were baby’s you can see alot of resemblance ,but when i saw your picture at 21 months is exactly looking at Sophie now.
    You created a beautiful child in the likness of you both.
    Sophie is just beautiful,and I’m not saying it because I’m her babie she just is.

  2. Love the photos, all three of you, beautiful babies. One more to grow to be a beautiful adult.

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