Vancouver 2010

So, we’ve all seen the Olympic crowds in downtown Vancouver on the news on TV, but there is nothing like experiencing them firsthand.

Downtown Vancouver

We decided to head into Vancouver last Sunday, just in an attempt to see the sights, act like tourists, and soak up the Olympic atmosphere.

Granville St.

We are definitely enjoying the Olympics, and although I don’t agree with all the politics behind the Olympics, they are here, and I’m going to enjoy them!

Of course it wouldn’t be a day in Vancouver without some sort of protest, so the Anti-fur people were out in their undies to raise awareness of their cause:

Because it was soooo crazy, we weren’t even going to think about bringing a stroller, so Sophie’s mode of transportation was the good ol’ Ergo.

Sophie hitchin' a ride

The thing about the weather in Vancouver, is that you never know what will happen.  It could be snowy and stormy in February, or warm and sunny, with the cherry blossoms out in full.

And it was the latter, yay!  One of my favourite things about late winter/spring in Vancouver is the arrival of the cherry blossoms.  They are EVERYWHERE in the city, and just beautiful.

Cherry blossoms, Olympic decorated office buildings, and the Olympic Countdown Clock, now counting upwards.

I think the funniest thing we saw that day was an english bulldog skateboarding down the street (not kidding, I so wish I got a video of that!), but there were also lots of fun art installations along the streets, many of which were closed off to traffic, so the masses of pedestrians could meander.  This was Sophie’s favourite – trees with lanterns decorated by elementary students, that everyone (young and old) enjoyed weaving through.

lantern trees

Sophie running through the lantern trees.

We had Japanese for lunch, and Sophie has started smiling for pictures.

Say cheese!!

There is also the zipline above Robson Square, that people wait on average 6 hours for a chance to fly above the crowds:

was it worth the 6 hour wait?

We didn’t have a plan, just wanted to wander the streets.  We saw the Olympic Cauldron (from a distance), the crowds, the art installations, the various booths, skating rink, giant TV’s, but the best thing was that everyone was happy.  People were out in their red and white, wearing their Canada hats, hoodies, t’s, flags, it was really nice to see.

Yaletown condo residents show their support with flags hanging from their balconies.

Obviously we saw some drunken fools as well, but that goes with the territory.  This guy was building inukshuks as we walked along False Creek towards Science World, and it was amazing to see them all along the waters edge.

Hard at work at his own art installation.

All in all, it was a really fun day.  We wandered the streets, took in the sights, acted like tourists for a day, and Sophie had a great time.

Tuckered out after a long day of running around!


One response to “Vancouver 2010

  1. Thanks for taking us in your outing!!!!!!
    Sophie looks so sweet smiling for the picture!!!

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