Sophiebelle on Etsy

So, when Sophie was almost a year old, I decided to try my hand at Etsy.  If you are not familiar, Etsy is an amazing online marketplace, where you can buy amazing handmade things, from mugs, to clothing, jewelry, mittens, ipod cases, pretty much anything you can think of.   You don’t have to buy everything from a store.  You can buy beautiful handmade items, from millions (literally) of Etsy sellers from all around the world, and receive very high quality items.  I’ve bought a bunch of things from Etsy since I discovered it, and opened my own shop.  I’ve mostly purchased supplies (fabric, clothing tags, business cards), but also fun stuff, like an awesome magnetic memo board from this shop.  Having my Etsy shop is my third job, after being a mother, and teaching two days a week.

hard at work

It’s craziness in our place when I’m working, with fabric, patterns, thread, snap presses, all over the place, but, such is life when you work out of your home.

Working with Sophie at my feet, and wandering amidst the madness can be overwhelming, but I really enjoy making things, and usually have a few projects on the go at once (one I’m in the middle of which I’m super excited about – more on that one later!).

I think the results are pretty worth it also.

I initially thought I would focus on making dresses, but it seems like Etsy is pretty saturated with those.  I do sell dresses here and there, but the main sellers are Sophie Savers, fabric straps to attach a small toy or snack cup to a stroller or car seat, so they don’t get tossed out.

Save Sophie!!

They really are helpful, and I’m not just saying that because I make ’em.  If you have a Sophie, you don’t want to lose it, because while very wonderful and helpful for teething babies, it does cost around $20 in Canada, so it’s an investment you don’t want tossed out of the stroller by an unruly child.  I’ve had a great reaction to these handy fabric straps, and people often buy them as a pack of 3 – we have 2 on our stroller (for a toy and another for a snack cup) and one on our carseat, because you don’t want to be reaching back while driving to retrieve a fallen toy.

3-pack of Sophie Savers

It’s difficult trying to fit in time for lesson planning, and keeping up stock in my Etsy shop, but that’s what naptime and bedtime are for, right?  If you’re interested in checking out the shop (if you haven’t already), go here.  Enjoy!


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  1. Love your up date. xo

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