21 Months

So Sophie is 21 months old today!  Wow, I can’t believe how quickly (yet sometimes so slowly) the time has gone.  I had all the best intentions of keeping a Sophie Book (which was originally a Flipper Book), with updates, where Sophie was at with eating, sleeping, teeth, things she did, etc… But I’ve never been one for keeping a diary, and it kind of just went by the wayside.  But now that I’m blogging, this seems like an easier medium to keep up!

21 months!

Currently, Sophie is into trains and moving around her little animals in her farm, marching them up and down armchairs and around ledges.   She loves reading, and will bring us book after book after book, to read to her.  Sometimes these are Chinese Medicine books.  Strange kid.  She is starting to enjoy her drawing table where she can use her crayons and playdough.

Reading with Dada in the morning.

She loves giving hugs to Baba, and is starting to want to carry her around (poor cat!).  She still enjoys Baby Signing Time, but we’re keeping her viewings down to a minimum as she is starting to get bored of them.  Her hair is getting longer, but is so curly, it really doesn’t look like it’s grown very much – although I can put them in little pigtails if I distract her enough.

She laughs, she is very easy going and generally does what we want her to do.  She is sleeping through the night with no issues (knock on all wooden surfaces) and still has a 1.5-2 hour nap a day.  She sits on the potty, but doesn’t do anything on it yet.

pretending to use the potty

She is starting to string together words (da doo [thank you]mama, more milk) and is a super fun.  She is starting to assert her independence more and more, refuse veggies, and throw those on-the-tummy-fists-hitting-the-ground-temper-tantrums (which I can’t help but laugh at, because seriously?)   But she’s such a sweet heart, and gives us kisses and tells us she loves us.

Wearing the apron and oven mitts my mom made for her (thanks Mom!)

We just love her to bits.


One response to “21 Months

  1. Cute, cute cute, love the monthly birthday update. xo

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