When we were 8 months pregnant, we signed up for a birthing class.  We looked into a few, and were recommended Birthing From Within by our midwives at Pacific Midwifery Centre.  It was such a great class; weekly meetings for a few hours, for about 6 weeks if I recall correctly (probably not though).  The class was relaxing, informative, fun, and more of a fit for our philosophy and thoughts about birthing and how we wanted to be as parents. Since taking the class, we’ve kept in touch with almost all of the parents we met at those classes, and continue to meet at least monthly.

Beth, one of the moms and computer genius, set up a group email list which we are all under, so if you type in this one email address, the email goes to each of us.

We’ve helped each other through sleep issues, vaccine questions, cloth diaper issues, but most importantly, this is how we set up playdates!

We get together, watch the kids play, eat, drink and just talk and hang out.

It has been so fun to see how the interactions have changed from them all laying around like logs, to rolling around, crawling, pulling up on each other, walking around furniture, to where they are now – running, jumping and best of all HUGGING!!

It’s difficult to find a day that works for all six of our families, so we’re not always all there, but I always look forward to these playdates.

The moms (and dads) get to catch up and chill out, enjoy good company with people who have become good friends, and enjoy watching our kids play.

So fun.


2 responses to “babymamas

  1. Love your update, and connections, thanks for the whole thing.xo

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