Monthly Sophie Shots – huge photo catch-up post!

When I was pregnant, and while waiting for Sophie to make her arrival, I started looking on the internet, for various baby things, looking for information about cloth diapering, tracking how the baby is growing, all the usual stuff that pregnant people are interested in.

I came across ohdeedoh, which I guess is a kind of design blog, with various branches focusing on food, technology, home design, the environment, and babies/children. One of the posts that really caught my eye, was about tracking changes in your baby, by taking a monthly picture of them, either with the same object like a teddy bear, or in the same chair, or wearing the same type of thing, etc.

I decided that this would be a fabulous idea, and thought I would eventually put all the pictures in a frame, perhaps after she was one. I haven’t done that, but do continue to take pictures of her with the date – on roughly the 17th of each month.

I wanted to do the high tech thing where you can merge 4 photos into one, but that would require photo shop or some other technology that I don’t understand, so sorry for the super long photo post!  Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.  Or not.


3 responses to “Monthly Sophie Shots – huge photo catch-up post!

  1. I love those. I was looking at the skinny one month pic–hard to believe there was ever a time you were worried about her not gaining weight!

  2. I know, she gained weight sooooooo slowly at the beginning, and now there’s no stopping her!

  3. Great looking back at all the photos. Quite an evolution.xo

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